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If I had a dollar for every time someone said, “I’m not too bothered about SEO, I just want to create interesting and useful articles for my clients”, I’d have something in the region of…Hmmm… one dollar.

Yes, most people come to us with SEO top of mind for their blog content, but we usually get them thinking beyond that. There are many reasons why blogging is good for business, and here are just a few.


  • Let people know your business is alive
    Regular posts with relevant content shows your past, present and future clients that your business is up-to-date and hard at work. Landing on a website that looks like it hasn’t been touched in a decade makes you wonder if the business still exists. Or do they just not care?


  • Promote your website on social media
    Engaging and informative blogs are worth their weight in gold when it comes to driving visitors from social media to your site. It’s a bonus that most of these visitors don’t just stop at reading your blog, but venture to other pages as well.


  • Show you’re in touch
    Nothing builds trust like knowing that a business has a wealth of knowledge about their industry and is on top of any recent changes, new policies and trends.


  • Open a line of communication
    Not only does blogging give you the chance to tell your customers about any new services, deals or offers within your business, it allows you to explain all the benefits in detail. Calm authority beats a shouty sales message any day of the week.


  • Get YOU thinking…
    Having to think about and plan regular blog posts also forces you to think deeply about your business. To develop relevant content, you need to be constantly evaluating what you’re trying to communicate, what your goals are for your business, who your customer is and what you have to offer them.


There are many more reasons to blog, but that’ll do for now. If you want to find out how blogging will work for your business, drop me a line at with the words ‘I’m not too bothered about SEO, I just want to create interesting and useful articles for my clients’ in the subject line.


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