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Is your website trying to kill you?

Firstly, by ‘you’, we mean ‘your business’ (but it’s not nearly as good a headline). Secondly, while your website might not be actively trying to murder all the hard work you’ve put into growing your business, there’s a good chance that your web content is losing you plenty of customers.

Luckily, it’s not that hard to fix yourself (with a small amount of help).

‘A bit harsh but refreshingly honest’ was the comment made by the first ever client to use our Website Content Analysis Service. Should we have factored in that the business owner had written all the content himself? No, because our clients want a second opinion from an objective and trained eye to tell them what’s going wrong on their website, and how to make it right to get results.

Our Web Content Analysis service involves us scouring a website with a fine-toothed comb to assess its functionality and appeal from a customer experience point of view. Are you losing customers because the benefits of your product or service aren’t clear? Do you focus too much on yourself and not your customer’s needs and problems? It’s our job to report on engagement levels and suggest quick fixes that a business can make to turn those visitors into paying customers.

Perhaps it’s changing headlines on the home page or adding a bit of personality to your ‘About Us’. Easy fixes that make an impact without a business having to completely redesign and rewrite their website.

So, what are the most common content fails?

  • No call to action. The website might look nice but your potential customer doesn’t know what to do next. There aren’t enough ways to move them onto the next level by contacting or requesting more info.


  • Lack of personality. People often try too hard to write a professional-sounding website for their company and lose the personality and the tone of voice that sets their business apart.


  • Too many words. Often a business owner will try to cram everything about their company onto their website, which is a big mistake. You need a filter to tell you what’s important and what you should keep back until the customer makes contact.


  • Weak headlines. This one speaks for itself. You need to grab people’s attention and send them on a journey through your site. Spend 80 percent of your time perfecting a headline and 20 percent writing the copy.


  • Wrong order. It sounds obvious but it’s crucial to have the information that’s the most relevant and interesting right at the top of the page under a catchy headline. Most of us are conditioned to write to a conclusion but a potential customer immediately wants to know what you can do for them and what benefit they get from your service.


  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. Nothing says, ‘I don’t care about my business’ like a site that’s full of errors. A recent client had her company name written nine different ways on her website. We don’t list everything but point out common mistakes and suggest getting the whole thing proofread (which isn’t expensive).

There are many more ways a website’s content lets it down. Breaking it down with honest, balanced and constructive criticism is the first step turning a shabby website into one that engages and converts.

It makes you wonder what we think of your website…


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