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What does your LinkedIn profile say about you? 🤔

If you’re worried that clients, prospects and referral partners are put off when they land on your profile, it’s time for an overhaul. Luckily, there are ways of boosting your LinkedIn profile with minimum effort for maximum impact.

Start by thinking of your LinkedIn profile as your own personal landing page. Everything ‘above the fold’ (the first bit people see) should cement you as an expert in your field and someone worth adding to their network.

We need to give some love to the top section – your shop window – because that’s the bit where people make their first impression and decide to connect or move on.

And you might have a gripping and relevant story in the About, Experience and Featured sections, but nobody will look if your top section has no hook.

Let’s break it down.


1) Headline: Write a headline that announces your value to the world. LinkedIn was built as a recruitment platform, so the default is to take your current job title and put that front and centre.

Job titles are dull, so this is an excellent opportunity to announce a bit of our ‘why’ and who we help. Bulletpoint your skills and benefits, write a sentence, or both. Clarity beats clever every time, and this section will determine where you show up in searches, so think about keywords.

You have just 220 characters (around 40 words) for the headline and maybe a few more on your banner image. So, this section is crucial.


2) Profile pic: You might love that wedding photo, but it’s worth investing in a professional image when building connections on LinkedIn.

If paying a photographer is beyond budget, use your smartphone to take the picture. The first rule is to get someone to take it for you. It’s always obvious when the image is a selfie (that look of concentration in the eyes).

Consider your clothes – do they represent business-you? – and the background. Make sure it’s not too busy and will complement the banner image you choose.


3) Banner image: Often neglected as part of the story, you could upload something that includes your company colours, logo and tagline, for example. It’s an odd shape, though, so make sure it doesn’t look weird.

You don’t need a graphic designer to help with this, as sites like have templates that suit all industries and are sized correctly for the space.

Important: Your head is going to pop up on the left-hand side of the banner, so bear that in mind and keep everything to the right.

Adding words to the banner helps tell your story but don’t just repeat the headline round out your top section with a clear summary of what you offer to the world.


4) Company logo: We don’t want the little grey square of shame in the top section of the profile, and the only way to ensure your log is up there is to connect your profile to your company page.

Don’t have a company page? It’s easy to create a company page, and here is a link to show you how. Yes, it’s worth having a company page, even if you are a sole trader.

Is the logo still not showing up? You need to connect your personal profile to the company one in your experience section. Edit your latest experience section, search for the company name and click. I’ve lost count of the number of people who miss this step!

Do these four things on your LinkedIn profile, and I guarantee that you’ll get more people wanting to connect with and build a relationship.

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