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Can You Really Write About My Business?


we work with businesses and brands across a variety of industries, all with a different story to tell, different audiences to target and a different expertise to share.

We’ve successfully created marketing content for Lawyers, Builders, Architects, Electricians, Real Estate professionals, lifestyle brands such as alcohol and personal trainers and even create a luxury fashion, food and community magazine for a high-end shopping village.

But our secret isn’t the fact that we’re all-knowing and have a deep understanding of every industry on earth. Our secret is you.

Over years spent working in Journalism, sniffing out stories to sell magazines and newspapers, we’ve developed the ability to leverage your expertise to get to the heart of who you are as a business and why it is you do what you do. It’s this that draws in audiences and connects them with your business.

Nobody knows the ins and outs of your industry better than you. That’s why our process is so collaborative. You bring your industry expertise and we bring our ability to weave words into an authentic story that captures the spirit of your brand while subtly selling to your customers.

In fact, we can work with you from the earliest stages of building or relaunching your business to help develop your brand voice so that your story stays consistent

throughout your entire marketing journey.

Our other special talent is our ability to act as a filter between your expertise and your audience. When you’re so intimately involved in your business and passionate about product or service, it’s second nature to overshare. While it’s undeniably important to communicate your passion with your audience, getting too bogged down in the detail or overwhelming people with information can be counter-productive.

We find that our eyes for editing is especially important when your business is new to market or particularly technical. When you only have seconds to communicate with customers, you need to ensure they’re getting information that is easy to understand and impactful within an instant.

We work on the hierarchy of information, prioritising that which is most effective in communicating with your audience to get the desired outcome. We’re able to strike a balance between telling people what they want to hear (the stuff that makes them pay attention) and telling them what they need to hear in order to take the next step in engaging with your business.

But that doesn’t mean that you’ll miss out on sharing parts of your story or service that you find important. We work across your entire marketing strategy to ensure that the architecture of your information is structured to lead customers on a journey. While that journey might start with a succinct summary of your business on a landing page or Facebook post, we can guide them to your website or eBooks that go into more detail and build their love of and loyalty to your brand.

To put it simply, together we form a formidable team helping you find, engage and convert your audience through the wonderful power of words.

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