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It’s quite difficult to open a letter with your fingers crossed, but that’s what I was doing when a letter from Google landed in the post.

I was hoping Google wanted help with their content marketing efforts.

Sadly not.

Instead, the letter asked me if I’d thought of giving Google AdWords a go. Now, from the point of view of this article, it would be great if I tried AdWords after reading the letter, the campaign went amazingly well and changed the shape of my business.

None of that happened but something equally amazing happened: I read the whole letter. Wow, how often does that happen? I took a lot more notice because Google sent me a personalised letter and not an email that’s oh-so-easy to delete.

Receiving decent printed marketing collateral is refreshing for consumers, and we’ve seen a huge increase in demand for brochures, magazines, flyers and the like over the last two years.

People realise that there is way too much noise online and it’s so easy for your message to get drowned out.

For the community-centric retailers at St Ives Shopping Village, Village Life magazine has had a big impact on business and proved to be a valuable marketing tool.

We produce this quarterly magazine with Factory One, and we love hearing stories of customers taking in clippings of the magazine, looking to buy the exact products that we feature. It may be the old-school version of a screenshot, but it works perfectly for their predominantly older market.

The magazine not only showcases great products in beautifully styled shoots but also gives customers interesting articles and an introduction to the people behind their favourite stores. It sparks conversations and opens an invaluable line of communication between retailers and customers.

A brochure we created for removalists Two Men and a Truck was full of reassuring, practical and interesting information about the company and their services. They identified pain points for their customers, and we addressed them directly.

The real hero, though, was including a moving checklist to help their potential clients get on the road to a stress-free move. Sounds simple, but there’s a good chance there’s a few stuck to people’s fridges right now.

EmbroidMe North Sydney added a healthy dose of balls to their print campaign… literally. We were able to inject humour into their mail-out brochure that was accompanied by branded stress balls to cut through the noise of traditional marketing and really connect with their audience.

Thinking of tapping into the power of print? Here are few things to think about:

  • Keep your information short and sweet and break things up with bullet points and infographics. The easier your brochure is to read; the more people will actually read it.
  • Make it memorable. Whether it’s humour, a useful checklist or impactful design, you should aim to give your customers something they haven’t seen before.
  • Include a decent call to action. What’s the point of creating a beautiful brochure if people read it, like it and toss it? Whether you want them to call, email, visit your website or attend an event, tell them what you want them to do and make it easy for them to do it.
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