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Good news: LinkedIn has recently begun a cleaning spree to delete any dodgy fake profiles out there. The not-so-good news: the algorithm they’re using could suspend or remove many legitimate accounts along the way.

How do we know? 

We spoke to someone last week whose account was removed from LinkedIn, despite them seemingly doing all the right things on the platform. And they had to jump through a few hoops to get it back online. 

So how can you save your profile from coming under scrutiny as a suspected fake? 

Aside from making sure that your profile has great content and is optimised, there are a couple of extra things to bear in mind. Things that our suspended friend didn’t have in place.

The video has a walkthrough but you can also follow the steps below.

1) If you are the administrator of your company page, just make sure that the company domain is added under admin tools > employee verification.

2) Make sure that your own profile is connected to the company page (hint: you will see your logo under experience and not a grey square).

3) If you have more than ten employees on LinkedIn, they can go to the ‘My Company’ tab to get their profiles verified and connected.

4) Many set up their profile using Hotmail or Gmail or something, so make sure your company email is included in your contact info. It doesn’t have to be the primary email, but it’s another tick in the legitimate box.

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