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SHOW ME THE BLOGS… But only if they’re worth reading

20 Years ago, Jerry Maguire ruined his professional life with the four words that summed up his new mission statement: “Fewer clients. Less money.”

I might be about to do the same with my own four-word Jerry Maguire moment: “Less blogging. More updates.”

At Connect Content we get a lot of business from blogging, and it does have its place, but only if clients have something to say. If it informs, educates, entertains or encourages customers to do something that you want them to do.

“How long should our blogs be?” is the question we get asked most often, and there is only one answer: attention spans are short, so say what you need to say in as few words as possible.

Please don’t blog for the sake of it and never risk boring your customers with acres of copy in the pursuit of higher search engine rankings, which require a minimum of 300 words to get traction, we’re told.

If SEO is your end game, speak to an SEO company that does more than just keywords

If you feel you should be blogging but haven’t got the time or the ideas, then don’t.

Keep your company fresh and connect with your customers by posting industry updates or advice on your website, LinkedIn and/or Facebook.

Haven’t even got time for that? Then like or share blogs that you’ve enjoyed. Good news: it looks like you’ve written them yourself on LinkedIn because of the way things are shared on that platform.

That’s it. I hope this blog has been in some way useful, or even entertaining. The word count is 299, so it’s not going to rank on any search engine – but I couldn’t give a monkey’s.










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