Tender Loving Cuisine – Blog content



Write a number of blog posts for Tender Loving Cuisine’s new website that related to their varied customer base.




Tender Loving Cuisine’s care for their community and in-depth industry knowledge sets them apart from the rest and it was important for us to show that in the creation of their blog posts.


As a delivered meals company that focuses on nutrition and convenience, their blog posts needed to relate to their wide audience, relevant industry news and to their useful service.


Working from simple headlines across a range of topics, we carried out in-depth research to create informative blog posts that work as a useful extension of TLC’s website. We also considered the best SEO practices to use to throughout the blogs.


We ensured that while the blogs were loaded with relevant information that they were easy to understand and entertaining to read. We made sure that TLC’s compassionate tone of voice shone through and that every blog related directly to TLC’s product, service and mission with enticing call to actions.