SpacePAL – Website content



Write the website content for SpacePAL, a Sydney storage business breaking the mould of traditional storage facilities with an on-demand solution that fits with modern lifestyle and business.




With such a revolutionary idea to work with, we had the challenge of creating an engaging story for SpacePAL’s website while explaining the new-to-market service.


Guided by the brand voice document we created for them, we ensured SpacePAL’s personality was present throughout all of the copy. We kept the tone friendly, relatable and helpful and positioned SpacePAL as a modern, tech-savvy company.


We made sure to explain the service clearly so the brand’s wide and varied target market would understand how to use it. We also included plenty of ideas on how they could take full advantage of SpacePAL’s offering and the full potential of the service without making the website too long winded and text heavy.


We created a number of bespoke regional landing pages to boost the websites SEO capabilities and target specific customer bases around Inner Sydney regions. Through market research, we were able to optimise the copy on each landing page to communicate with specific habits, lifestyles and potential uses of SpacePAL’s service in each area.