MMMigration – Website content



Edit and rewrite the copy for MMMigration’s website update to combine their aspirational tone with targeted and engaging copy.




Finding the perfect blend between the professional legal process of immigration and the aspirational lifestyle MMMigration creates for their clients was our focus.


MMMigration are known for their holistic, caring approach toward immigration and a passion for uniting the world. We retained the business’ personality while ensuring the website copy was factual and depicted the professionalism, qualifications and trustworthiness of the team. It was important that people from all walks of life across the world could understand MMMigration’s service and their key messages.


Along with the Homepage, About Us and How We Work pages, we re-wrote each team members bios to create consistency and blend their personal history as migrants with their professional credibility. We also refined the company’s vision and mission statements to better align all of their content with their brand’s voice.