Adapta – Brand Voice Guide



Define Adapta’s brand voice by creating a collection of content their stakeholders could use to communicate with consistency and stay on message.




Adapta was midway through rebranding and refining their access solutions offering when we were tasked with creating a Brand Voice Guide for them. Our main goal was to bring their passion for helping create equality together with their innovative online tool.


Adapta’s mission goes far beyond offering a service and building their focus on creating equality into a story for the brand was key. We worked to connect their audience with the reasons why they’ve created their new product before explaining just how simple and useful their service is.


We created a tagline, mission statement, elevator pitch, About Us and social media profiles for Adapta that highlighted their integrity and expertise. We made sure to clearly and simply communicate how clients of all skill levels and industry knowledge could work with Adapta on their access solution and included suitable call to actions to get clients engaging with the team.