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How many sales prospects are you losing because the benefits of your product or service aren’t clear? Do you focus too much on yourself and not your customer’s needs and problems?


Worse still, after spending time, effort and money on getting people to your site, how many head off to a competitor because their use of content engages customers earlier (and better) in the sales process?


Our expert content marketers assess your website content from a customer experience point of view and produce a report that lets you know what’s working well, what isn’t and what YOU can fix right now.




Practical quick fixes and tips to improve your content and website conversions.


How it works: Simply choose five key pages (we usually recommend Home, About Us, Services, Blog and Contact) and our content strategy report will give you an honest assessment of how things currently stand. We’ll also suggest ways to improve attention-grabbing headlines, tone, copy length, calls to action, SEO keywords, etc.




Bogged down in a load of jargon, fiddly detail or a list of technical fixes


Our team has spent many years creating quality, relevant content that engages people from all walks of life. We know what makes them click, and the simple tips and advice from our report will instantly improve your online message, attract more leads and convert more of your site’s visitors into paying customers.


Cost: $250 +GST

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