About Us

We help business owners sell their products or services by utilising content strategies to make customers like, trust and feel connected to their company.


We use our skills as former journalists and magazine editors to tell a story. We keep messages compelling, clear, consistent and always on-brand.


Tom Etherington
Creative Director

Tom was a consumer magazine journalist and editor for 15 years working on some of the world’s biggest magazine brands in both Sydney and London. From the UK’s Evening Standard newspaper to SBS, he has helped media brands adapt, reinvent and shape themselves to win the loyalty of hundreds of thousands of readers.


Tom launched Connect Content in the belief that his creative media skills provide the perfect springboard to bring content marketing to life. He can quickly turn around clear, concise, entertaining and targeted copy and ideas and he’s passionate about finding inventive ways to excite and engage your customers.


Brand Consultant

In a career spanning more than 20 years, Amy has edited some of Australia’s most iconic magazines, including New IdeaWoman’s DayFamous and NW. She’s also run countless research groups featuring 18- to 64-year-old women, which means there aren’t many people in the country who know this target market as well as Amy.


As our Brand Consultant, Amy helps a host of companies and media outlets improve their content and creativity.


She also brings a fresh perspective to the world of content marketing – especially for brands seeking to expand or retain their female customer base.

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